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STEM Garden Micro-Farm

STEM Garden Micro-Farm

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Our STEM Gardens are built to order. Please allow a 4-week lead time before shipment.  Order quantity on webstore is limited to 1 per customer.  Please inquire for bulk purchases.

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Enhance Your Curriculum

STEM Garden is a hands-on learning solution for K-12 classrooms that promotes teamwork, collaboration, and educational integration. It’s a perfect STEM education tool that maximizes space without compromising on education quality and bridges the student engagement gap.

With the purchase of a STEM Garden you will receive a $25.00 webstore credit.


Metal,  Acrylic, Food-Safe Plastic

Unit Dimensions*
Inches: 40″ width x 28.5″ depth x 62″ height
Meters: 1.016 width x 0.7239 depth x 1.5748 height

* At least 4” (10.2cm) clearance for rear & sides is preferred for leveling and maintenance

Door Outswing
47” outswing (1.2m) 

225 lbs. (102 kg) w/o water

Power Consumption
4.4 kwh/day

Crop Yields

  • Space for 90 plants
  • Weekly Yield
    • ~ 2 lbs Based on plant types
  • You can grow…
    • Leafy greens
    • Herbs
    • Edible Flowers
    • Microgreens
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