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Yinmik pH Meter

Yinmik pH Meter

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Cost effective economical option that provides fast, accurate pH readings.

YINMIK YK-P01 pH meter screen is designed for horizontal display, pH and temperature value can be read simultaneously which makes your job easier and more comfortable.

Built with stainless steel temperature sensor, YK-P01 pH meter has an effective temperature compensation (ATC) function, which ensures the rapid response and accurate test results.

Supporting 3-point auto calibration, following the instruction manual can easily achieve 4.00, 7.00, 10.01 auto calibration. Don't worry about the calibration solution, you can easily configure up to 500ml of calibration solution for each standard using the calibration powder included in the package.

Backlights function ensures you can use the product in a dimly lit working environment. HOLD/TEMP button can be used for reading lock, attribute to this function, the reading will not disappear after the pH meter leaves the test solution.

Batteries included.

When storing meter keep the sponge moist. If the sponge is dry, please add a few drops of electrode protection solution(KCL) or pure water.

Calibration recommended every two weeks.

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